Why Do Military Wear Watches: Ultimate Guide In 2021

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Military personnel requires the highest level of discipline as they train and in the line of duty. The battlefield is never a walk in the park because lives can be lost. Besides, everything about the military requires precision and regulations that need to be followed at all times. That is why you will find the military wearing watches to keep up with all the rules and regulations.

A military person must be well-groomed at all times, and everything they do involves time. Are you still wondering why do military wear watches? Following orders require that they follow time and also how they handle themselves. A watch is an important gadget to the military because, without that, a lot of indiscipline cases can be reported each waking day.

What Watches Do Military Use?

Military watches are a symbol of resilience and survival, which many military personnel keep up with. Tactical field watches are what the military uses the most because they differentiate between survival and death. That watch can save a life during an apocalypse, making it an essential device to have. A military watch should be rugged, sturdy, durable, and once that can withstand the harsh weather condition.


Watches used by the military are those having advanced features like GPS, altimeter, barometer, and GLONASS. There are various watches for the military; all that comes with unique features, specifications, and capabilities. The military also uses watches with excellent readability to enable you to see well whether during the day or at night. A quality watch is hugely vital for military use, for it ensures that you stay grounded at all times.

Why Do Military Wear Watches?

Why do military wear watches? Many people never see the need for the military wearing watches, yet without one, there cannot be keeping of time. Let’s get something straight first; military watches are not meant for aesthetic purposes; rather, they are intended for use on the battlefield or during training.

Let us look at some of the reasons why military wear watches: –

Military features

The features found on military watches make them outstanding in the line of duty. Those features are quite helpful, especially on the battlefield. Some of the features included are the altimeter, barometer, and compass. Navigation will be made easier as you also get yourself protected from awful weather. You will also note that some military watches have features like storm alert and automatic shot detection, which are vital in enabling you to stay alert.


There is nothing as important as keeping time in the military. Without that, you may even lose your life; it is that serious. That is why you need a watch in the military to enable you to keep time day in and day out without fail. An excellent military watch will also allow you to set the required time that you have been assigned for a particular duty.


A military watch offers many conveniences compared to always looking at your phone to verify the time. If you are in a secret place that does not require any movements, all you do is turn your wrist slowly and check the time. That way, you will always know the time to allow you to move forward to the next specified activity.


The military wear watches because of their levels of discreetness. As you may be away, a good military watch ensures that the military personnel is not noticed. You cannot have a watch that shines and reveals where you are hiding. That is why military matches were designed with camouflage features to keep military personnel identity well secured while on duty. That is why you find that most military watches are designed to be unnoticeable, in that they blend with the uniform.


Most military watches are multi-functional, meaning they can help you carry out different tasks. When preparing for a search and rescue mission, this watch will come in handy. This watch makes military work a bit easier and quicker to handle.

Easy to read

Military watches are readable, for most of them come in large sizes compared to the usual watches. Most of them offer a vast face that makes the display outstanding. You will also love some models that can glow in the dark, enabling you to struggle as you check the time.

Availability of GPS

What makes military watches outstanding is their inbuilt GPS that makes it easier to coordinate locations. This watch is also useful for navigation purposes because you can make good routes plans inclusive of waypoints.

A high degree of durability

A military watch is designed to be strong and durable; that is why you find it in use in the military. These watches can withstand harsh climatic conditions, making them an essential timepiece. A military watch is ruggedly designed, meaning no matter what hits the watch while on the battlefield, the watch will still function perfectly.

Final Thought

While in the military, timing is everything; that is undebatable.  A military watch can make a difference between victory and loss of life. But why do military wear watches? The number one reason is to keep time, which is followed by to instill discipline while training and in the field.  A military watch offers confidence, a sense of protection, and defense, making it an essential device.

Over the years, technology has improved so that it delivers military watches that are robust and durable. These watches can bear any weather conditions without affecting their functionality. An excellent military watch has exceptional shock protection capabilities that keep you safe and protected as you carry on with your duties. A military watch design should be simple and convenient to enable you to continue working without any distractions.

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