Types Of Smartwatches : 4 Things To Consider

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Smartwatch has become a commonly used watch that can call and use a memory card and the camera option. Day by day, people love it more. Many new models are arriving on the market. People are showing their craze towards it as these watches are considered something more than a regular watch.

They are either backlit LCD or OLED. There are some in the market that uses transflective or electronic paper. There are many popular types of smartwatches available in the market, such as Pebble, Apple, Huawei, etc.

types of smartwatches

What Does A Smartwatch Do?

Smartwatches do various things. You can’t know all of them by using only a day. The more you will use, the more you will know about its features and usage. The world is heavily controlled by science and technology.

Smartwatches are a pure example of technology. Some people use it as a regular watch. As it gives a bit more functions along with all the facilities that a watch provides. Some people use it as an alternative mobile phone. So one can have the facilities of mobile phones, not fully but enough to mention. Apart from these, let us discuss the things a smartwatch does.

Notification – When we stay outside of our own home, walking through a noisy road, or when we travel by bus where you may find it difficult to hear the ringtones of your incoming call or text’s notification. Maybe because of so many other things, you even missed the vibration. A smartphone can be a solution to this problem. When any notification comes into your mobile, you get a beep or vibration in your smartwatch after connecting it with your smartphone. So there is a very rare chance of missing any important notification by using a smartwatch.

Apps – You can use different apps as well in your smartwatch. However, the display size is small. But that won’t bother you after getting used to it. Different smartwatches can run different apps. Various apps like city mapper, Sleep time, Yum Yum, Shazam, IFTTT, Todoist, Workflow, etc. apps you can use through a smartwatch.

Media Access – You can manage your android’s media by connecting the watch with your phone through Bluetooth. It has several benefits, as well. Suppose you are walking through a busy road and listening to music. It may seem odd to take the phone out of your pocket, again and again, to alter the song or increase or decrease the volume. By accessing your phone’s media through your smartwatch, you can easily change the song and can also change the volume.

Answering messages by voice – using a smartwatch, one can easily answer by voice.

Fitness Tracking – Smartwatch has unique and useful features like heart rate monitors, pedometers, physical activity tracker, measuring blood pressure, etc. You can count your steps while walking a distance. It creates a history of your daily activities to remain fit. You can use physical activity tracker while running or cycling. You can use it even while swimming.

GPS – Most of the smartwatches have GPS.

Stopwatch – Stopwatch is one of the features that a smartwatch has.

Besides all these, smartwatches normally have perfect battery life. You can use it for nearly or more than 18 hours after charging once.

Types Of Smartwatch

There are commonly 4 types of smartwatches available. They are different from each other as some of them have some extra benefits, and some don’t. We are likely introducing these different smartwatches to you.

1) Simple smartwatches with a notification function

This is the simplest smartwatch you may find in the market. It has very few features, like time and display. You won’t get the chance to do much with this type of smartwatch. There are some other basic functions like stopwatch, alarm clock, timer, etc. You can pair it with your smartphone through Bluetooth.

When your smartphone gets a new text or incoming call, you can be alert by a beep or vibration. It helps you to stay active and get all the necessary notifications in time. When you are a bit busier, you can also only check the received text’s starting. As some smartwatches have it. You can read the beginning of the text. You can use the battery for many months, and those are long-lasting.

2) Smart sport watches

If you are a sportsperson or an athlete, this type of smartwatch may help you. You will get many features related to your works. The modern versions of this type of smartwatch can provide your pulse rate. Whereas you will also get the step counting as well as monitor sleep. The included GPS transmitter helps to calculate the distance.

These smartwatches are water-resistant, and it has an optical heart rate monitor. With the help of a computer or even a smartphone, the measured data can be transferred to the specific analysis programs. The batteries are not that long-lasting, but it is not that difficult to cope with such battery life being a sportsman.

3) Classic smartwatches

These smartwatch’s screens are normally bigger and better than the others. You can use your smartwatch for 2 days with a single charge. You can install step functions and pulse meters in these classic smartwatches.

4) Smartwatches with phone function

 You can use your sim card in this type of smartwatch. This smartwatch has an internet connection. You can even use Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other apps that need the internet to run. Their battery life is not so good, but they can be used as an alternative to smartphones.

How To Choose A Smartwatch

It is not so difficult to choose the perfect smartwatch for you. You need to know a few things. Let us direct you to that.

There are not many differences between choosing a smartwatch or a smartphone. Because there are many models, each of them can make a phone call, can have a phone call, or even transferring texts are also available.

 But which one you will buy is a burning question that arises in your mind. You should look for some features before buying a smartwatch. What type of person you are? What are the necessities you need your smartwatch to fill-up? You need to answer these questions on your own. Are you an athlete? Or are you someone who is bored using smartphones and just looking for something unique like a smartwatch?

You will have to find out first who you are. There are many different smartwatches we have discussed in the above section. Going through all those written words, you will have to choose which features you like. This is how you can have your final decision before buying a smartwatch.

Frequently Asked Question

In this segment, we’ve included some typical questions you’ll find when you’re opted to buy a smartwatch. Please have a look.

Can you make calls from a smartwatch?

Obviously, you can. Having a standard smartwatch that supports a SIM card, you can start making calls from your wrist and get notified when receiving a message.

How far can a smartwatch be from your phone?

Honestly, it depends. In general, you’ll find the Bluetooth wireless connection between your smartwatch and phone within 10 meters or 30 feet range.

Can a smartwatch work without a SIM card?

Of course, a smartwatch can work without a sim card. If it is paired with your handset, you can make calls, browse the internet, or use apps with a SIM card.

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches are useful in many terms. It might be seemed cool having a watch that can be used in many ways. Adding it into your daily life may make the life of yours an interesting one. In the race of life, technology runs like a horse.

If I am not mistaken, the world is heading towards the quickest and easy things. Smartwatches are one of those easy things to operate. You may not need a large phone to carry with you when you find the benefits of your smartwatch. All in all, smartwatches can greatly impact your life, and you can find yours from different types of smartwatches in the market.

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