Should I Buy A Smartwatch Or Normal Watch – Expert Explains

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We often find ourselves to get out of these digital devices. You might be boring with your digital or smartwatches. Or it may be vice versa. So, when to purchase a watch, the common question is that should I buy a smartwatch or a normal watch?

It totally depends on your choices. However, in this article, we’ll demonstrate all the possible hacks about both traditional or smartwatches.

Should I buy a smartwatch or normal watch

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Watch?

In the modern smartphone era, you may find wristwatches as an obsolete option among people. But do you know that many people still love to invest in purchasing a watch? Why not? A wristwatch builds a bridge with time, and you can be up-to-date with your hours. Besides, a watch is more convenient than a smartphone as you don’t need any fingerprints, facial recognition to know the time.

While checking the time on your phone, you may be distracted by other apps like Facebook. But a wristwatch is out of this distraction and keeps you concentrated on your work. However, a watch is bold in fashion and style. It can boost your confidence, and a sleek and classy wristwatch helps you get attention from others.

What Is A Smartwatch And How Does It Work?

You might’ve seen a smartwatch or even used one. It’s simply a computing wearable wrist device that can tell you the time and can do many other functional activities. A smartwatch is capable of connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

 Thus you can utilize your smartwatch’s interface to read email, initiate phone calls, reply text messages, listen to music, aware of weather reports, and other activities. However, a smartwatch that offers GPS navigation can track your data while working out or other physical activities. 

Advantage Of Smartwatch

If I am not wrong, I think you’re here because you opt to buy a smartwatch, and you want to know its advantages, whether your investment is paid off or not. Ok. Let’s get the amazing benefits that a smartwatch offers.

  • You’ll get notifications if your mobile receives any message. However, you can instantly reply by voice command through your smartwatch.
  • You might’ve faced any urgency in a business meeting where you can’t attend your message or call, but a smartwatch can do favor you in this regard. You may have a glance at your smartwatch, whether you received it on your phone.
  • If you’re stuck with your heavy suitcases or shopping bags in your hands, it’s tough to answer important calls or messages. A smartwatch is even here to help you answering the calls and following up on the notifications.
  • Some smartwatches come with a SIM card option that allows you to put your SIM card and start making or answering calls. You can even use a headphone while driving to answer your call, and it may be a crucial factor to avoid any danger.
  • Some smartwatches work as fitness trackers like heart rate monitor, measure calories, breathing frequency. If your fitness tracker is GPS compatible, then you can track your working activity while you’re going out for a walk.

Disadvantages Of Smartwatch

It goes without saying that smartwatches offer many advantages in the modern era, but they’re also a few disadvantages. Let’s have a look.

  • Limited battery life is a significant concern for a smartwatch. Some smartwatches stand for 1-2 days once it is fully charged. But some watches can’t even go for a day. If you forget to charge your smartwatch before going out, it will be dead till the next morning.
  • Though smartwatches provide you with a ton of data, some watches don’t come up to the mark regarding accuracy.
  • The tiny screen may be another concern for a smartwatch. If you receive a lot of notifications, then it might be a mess with this little display.
  • Smartwatches are not an essential part of your life. They can make your life easier, but you can live a comfortable life without these devices. However, they can’t replace your mobile phone as well.
  • You already know how much a smartwatch costs. So, it might be expensive in some cases, and you need to spend a good amount of money to buy it.

How Does A Normal Watch Mechanism Work?

The simple watches have hands that tick reliably at the lists to stamp the time positions. These are some of the basic kinds of watches. By and large, there is a push crown at the correct piece of the instance of a simple watch that can be pivoted by a wearer with the goal that the person in question can change time. They likewise contain a battery that can keep them charged. The simple watches are especially simple to deal with.

Advantage Of Normal Watch

Simple watches can be viewed as the customary watch before innovation took over with smartwatches or advanced watches. Let’s look at the advantages of a normal watch.

  • The main reason is to wear a watch to know the time. Besides, a wristwatch is a fashionable statement and still extremely helpful in this smartwatches era.
  • You might’ve known that a wristwatch exposes your appearance and fashion taste. If you wear a watch that is a unique and antique piece, it boosts your fashion appearance and personality.
  • After all, it’s a piece that can break the chain in this digital world and provides a variation from smart devices.
  • There is a saying that a normal wristwatch is more formal than a smartwatch.
  • Moreover, you can wear it with any outfit you want, and it goes easily fitted. You’ll even receive good compliments on any occasion or event if you wear a unique wristwatch.

Disadvantages Of Normal Watch

However, a normal wristwatch has many advantages, but it also has some demerits in this modern era. We’ve listed the disadvantages of a normal watch:

  • Various wrist watches either appear to look dorky or are a lot bulky. On the off chance that you need a wristwatch that looks in vogue and upscale, you should pay a ridiculous sum for it.
  • If you wish to wear a wristwatch reliably, favorable circumstances in the mid-year, wristwatches can make absurdly awkward-looking tan lines.
  • At the point when it is incredibly warm outside, you sweat like crazy where the timepiece is around your wrist, activating misery. This can incite disturbing the hellfire out of whoever is wearing the wristwatch.
  • A normal watch which doesn’t look antique, it doesn’t expose your fashion and outlook. If so, your appearance will look like a typical outfit.
  • Wristwatches may be challenging to unravel either because of their humbler size or considering a glare prompted by the sun when you are outside.

Which Is Better Smartwatch Or Normal Watch?

In my opinion, I would recommend you to stick to the traditional watch. Because people have found the smartphone as their necessity, and new models get extra power. But the smartwatches are auxiliary devices which can never replace your smartphones.

On the contrary, traditional watches are technology-free, and their functions started a century ago. Still, they are the indicator of royalty, luxury, wealth, and these privileges have separated it from the technological feature.

Frequently Asked Question

Should I buy a smartwatch or a normal watch? So, if you’ve more questions regarding analog or digital watches or you’re confused about which one you should buy, look at this section to get clear identification.

Are analog watches better than digital?

It depends on your personal preference. But, analog watches still have solid craftsmanship that is better than digital watches.

Is it bad to wear a watch all the time?

Don’t wear your nice watch all day or every day. If you do so, it might be damaged due to some reasons like heavy sweating, leaving scratches, etc.

How long should a watch last?

Surprisingly, if you take care of your watches, they’ll stand for a lifetime. Hence, it’s recommended that mechanical watches need service every 3-5 years.


Hopefully, you have got a clear idea about analog and digital watches. Now, you’re pretty sure which one you are going to buy. Should I buy a smartwatch or a normal watch? And you know the answer.

However, analog watches really carry boldness of characteristics and fashion where digital watches don’t favor the same.

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