MoskiX Band Review 2021: UltraSonic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

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I’m comfortable with a lion or a tiger, rather than a mosquito. Because this irritating, blood-sucking insect spread various diseases like malaria, dengue,  and many more. From a little baby to an old one, they have mercy for no one. To resolve this issue, I’ve been looking for a non-chemical, mosquito repellent.

Then one of my friends tells me about MoskiX Band that he’s using for a couple of months and gets a wonderful result. After his recommendation, I had also purchased one. Now here in this MoskiX Band Review, I’m going to show you how this device helps me to get rid of these harmful, irritating insects.

What is MoskiX Band?

MoskiX Band is a stylish, lightweight, durable, mosquito repellent wristband that keeps you away from mosquitos. The device comes with very powerful rechargeable batteries. It is able to serve you 130 hours long with a single charge.

What is MoskiX Band

MoskiX Band is actually designed with an ultrasonic technology that produces a mimic sound and keeps the mosquitos away from you. The MoskiX brand is very popular for producing high-quality mosquito repellent bands that are suitable for every age’s people.

It is made with strong & sturdy materials to provide the user with long-lasting service. MoskiX Band is completely waterproof that allows you to wear it on a rainy day also without any tension. Like other devices, it won’t come with a single-mode, there are 3-different modes you’re going to enjoy with this device.

Main Key Features of MoskiX Band

Now here in this MoskiX Band Review section, let me show you some exclusive features of  MoskiX Band.

Main Key Features of MoskiX Band

High-Quality Material:

MoskiX Band uses premium materials and fabric to construct the device structure. Besides, it has been tried and tested to make sure that it won’t bring any harm when you wear it on your wrist.

Chemical Free:

The device is 100% chemical-free, so it won’t put any harmful impact on your health like other mosquito repellents. As it is completely free from harsh chemicals. The chemical-free feature is the most outstanding part of this device that I love most.


Surely, you’ll need a mosquito repellent device that’ll work under any circumstance. To give you this facility the MoskiX Band is designed with waterproof features. This allows you to wear it on a rainy day also without any worries. I’ve intentionally poured it into the water to check if it is really waterproof or not. But the good news is water can’t do any harm to this device. 


With MoskiX Band, you don’t have to worry about its lifespan and you don’t have to charge it frequently. It’s not the type of other chemical bands that last only 2-3 days only. It lasts 3-5 days based on the mode you are using the device.  In my case, most of the time I’ve used it for four days simultaneously with a single charge. 


It is a super adjustable device that perfectly fits on everyone’s wrist comfortably. It doesn’t matter if the person is a baby or old, it’ll easily fit on their hands. Actually, you don’t have to worry about the adjustability the band is designed in a way that it perfectly adjust to everyone’s hand. I bought three of these devices for me, my wife, and my child. And it perfectly fitted in all of our hands. 

Different modes:

Like other mosquito repellent bands, it won’t come with a single-mode. Instead of that, it comes with 3-different useful modes to handle different circumstances. It has a daily indoor mode, outdoor sports mode, and a silent mode.

Fast Charging:

MoskiX Band comes with a powerful charging option. The device is fully charged within 30 minutes and lasts for 130 hours long with a one-month standby capacity.

How Does MoskiX Band Works?

The MoskiX Band device actually works with a very simple process. It uses an ultrasonic sound technology that produces mimic sounds. The sounds keep the mosquito away from you and make yourself unbitten.

How Does MoskiX Band Works

MoskiX Band is a very eco-friendly device and the sound that it produces is completely harmless for your health. When you turn on the device 70% of the mosquitoes run away from your place and it is proven. After using this device these days, I’m the live witness of this statement.

How Does MoskiX Band Many Uses?

Mosquitoes are a kind of insect that will irritate you in so many situations. Especially in the summer season, the number of mosquitoes increases and makes the situation worse. Though it depends on the area you lived then again they are everywhere a little or more.

How Does MoskiX Band Many Uses

Now let me explain to you, where you can use this device. You can take this portable mosquito repellent, on your business trips, holidays, home, garden, everywhere. Simply, you can use this device in every single place wherever you want.

Is MoskiX Band Is Long Lasting

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that most people surrounding you are using harmful chemical repellents. That is because they are doubtful about the quality of the bands. But this one, the MoskiX Band is just superb. I’ve been using the device for almost 5-months and I find this device outstanding. With a single charge, I get constant 4.5 days power back up.

Is MoskiX Band Is Long Lasting

The device is waterproof so you can take it with you on holiday and wear it on a rainy day. To build this device, the manufacturer uses high-quality material that makes this device durable and long-lasting. All these outstanding features make MoskiX a renowned company for producing the best quality mosquito repellent band.

Are Mosquito Repellent Bands Safe Around My Pets and Children?

Actually, the correct answer depends on what type of Mosquito Repellent Bands, you’re using. Mosquito Repellent-Bands doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. Some Repellent-Bands might use essential oil and natural substances. So you’ve to know if the Mosquito Repellent-Band that you’re using contains any essential oil that your child or pets are allergic to.

Are Mosquito Repellent Bands Safe Around My Pets and Children

Pay extra attention to your pet dogs and cats because sometimes they are allergic to something that humans are not. Even there are some Mosquito Repellent-Bands that use nothing of these ingredients, such as MoskiX Band. Instead of any harmful chemicals, it uses ultrasonic technology to run away the mosquitos from your place. The mimic sound that it produces is completely safe for your child and pets.

Scientific Evidence for MoskiX Band

The MoskiX Band claims that it repeals 70% of mosquitos that means by wearing this device you can reduce 70% of mosquito bites. While I’m doing some research on this device, I don’t find any scientific evidence that clarifies what the company claims.

Scientific Evidence for MoskiX Band

But this doesn’t mean that the MoskiX Band device won’t work. I have used this device personally and I get an outstanding output. Every time I turn my device on, the mosquito runs away from my place. But I don’t know why there is no scientific evidence on behalf of this.

Where Can I Purchase the MoskiX Band?

Due to its amazing features and stylish look, the  MoskiX Band is highly demandable to everyone. This is why the device gets stockout fast and available for a limited time only. Go through the below link that I’ve included down this section to go to the MoskiX Band official site.

You’ll get a massive 50%  discount and free shipping around the globe by going through this link. Remember, you’ll get the offer only as long as the promo exists.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this MoskiX Band Review, there are some common questions that will arise in your curious mind. Below this segment, I’ve included some questions and their answers that people frequently want to know about this device.

Does Moskix Band really helps?

Yes, the ultrasonic sound of this device works efficiently against the mosquitos. 70% of mosquitos run away when you turn-on this device.

Do anti pest control device affect humans?

No, the frequency emits from this device won’t put any impact on humans or other animals.

Final Thought

If you’re in this section, it means you’ve completed the MoskiX Band Review. Now you know how to get rid of the mosquito problem with this non-chemical mosquito repellent device.

The Moskix Band can be used by any age person. And, its super adjustability is suitable for everyone to wear the device on their wrist.  The ultrasonic sound that it produces to keep yourself away from a mosquito is completely harmless for humans.

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