Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation? – Essential Guide In 2020

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Technology is growing at a fast rate, and so is the innovation of high-tech smartphones. However, with these watches becoming quite popular, the main concern remains, do smartwatches emit radiation? These watches are dependable and make life better, but there are health concerns associated with smartwatches. Radiation is said to be emitted from smartwatches, and it’s is regarded as extremely dangerous to your health.

As you will note from some scientists, smartwatch health risks are similar to the risks you face using your smartphone. However, this is debatable though what can be agreed on is the health effects are felt in the long run. The urge to wear smartwatches has not gone down despite all the health risks linked to them. There is a need for radiation protection measures to be availed when using a smartwatch.

Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?

Smartwatches are quite convenient and efficient in your daily life. In as much as you may love your smartwatch, you may wonder, do smartwatches emit radiation? Yes, they do, and the harmful impacts of radiation cause immense health risks. It is therefore advised that you avoid using a smartwatch in some situations that expose you to radiation.


A smartwatch attaches directly to your body; hence, the radiation it emits causes a lot of danger to your body. As an avid lover of a smartwatch, it can be quite challenging to stop using this technological device. However, some smartwatches have radiation protection tips that ensure that your health is taken care of. It is good to keep yourself protected while using a smartwatch through its advanced technological features.

Is The EMF Radiation From Smart Watches Dangerous?

Many people view smartwatches as status symbols, but they don’t know the dangerous effect they are exposed to due to radiation. Smartwatches come with a lot of capabilities, making them the best to have on your wrist. The harmful impacts of EMF radiation can make all the smartwatch’s excellent work seem like a deadly device. Smartwatches emit harmful radiation that is indeed dangerous to your body.

So, if you have been asking, do smartwatches emit EMF radiation? Yes, they do, but that should not prevent you from purchasing one if you desire to. The significant harm of a smartwatch is not felt right away, for it takes time before the results emerge. Radiation exposure takes time to show due to constant touch with your body.

Smartwatch Radiation Protection Tips

It would be best if you kept yourself safe and protected from the harmful impacts of EMF radiation from a smartwatch. You have to be aware of when to use your smartwatch safely and how to use it.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and protected from smartwatch radiation;

Use a case

A smartwatch case will come in handy to keep you off from radiation emitted by your smartwatch. Get a case that will act as a blockage between your smartwatch and body. This means that the watch will not touch your body directly. Remember that prolonged exposure to radiation for some time is quite harmful. By choosing to have extra protection, it means you are prioritizing your health above everything else.

Only use a smartwatch when needed

The first time you wear your smartwatch, you will probably never want to take it off. You will be so excited to have it that you want it to remain on your wrist day and night. However, if you’re going to protect yourself from radiation, avoid having your smartwatch when you are not using it. Learn to limit your usage time with a smartwatch to prevent yourself from the harmful effects of radiation.

Avoid dependency

If you are the kind of person who is dependent on a smartwatch too much, you will have a problem. It reaches a point that the smartwatch is controlling you, which is very wrong. Avoid becoming too much dependent on your smartwatch to allow your health to progress in the right way. Note when you want to be using your watch and putting it aside for a few hours or even days.

Airplane mode

You can put your smartwatch in airplane mode, which hinders all connections to your watch. This will prevent radiation levels from rising because you will have put your watch to sleep. If you don’t want to turn off your smartwatch, then switching it to airplane mode would be the best idea. You can also put your smartwatch on airplane mode when you want to go to bed.

Turn off your smartwatch

Once you are at work or a social event, you might want to consider turning off your watch. This is to ensure that you don’t get distracted, which is a considerable health concern. Make this a routine, especially at work, to keep you focused on work and not on your watch. You will also have done away with the radiation your smartwatch would have emitted hence keeping your body safe and healthy.

Final Thought

Many people all over the world always ask, do smartwatches emit EMF radiation? The hard truth is that smartwatches indeed do emit radiation though many people choose to ignore that fact. A smartwatch is worn on your wrist, meaning there is constant direct exposure day and night in all the hours you will have it on. This kind of exposure to EMF Radiation exposure without giving your body a break causes significant health concerns.

The high amounts of EMF radiation are unhealthy, making all the advantages of a smartwatch not worth it. The dangers of smartwatch EMF radiation indeed outweigh the potential benefits. Wearing your smartwatch all day long and at night exposes your whole body to EMF radiation; that is why you should impose some safety measures. It would be best if you always prioritize your health, for, without that, you will not see the need to have a smartwatch in the first place.

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