I hear about XWatch all time and finally I decide to buy it and test it to see if is it a SCAM? Or is it REAL? In the market, the smartwatch is flooded with several models that are very confusing to me. I have already purchased many smartwatches, but none works fine as I wish.

I found the Watch smartwatch while searching for a convenient watch on the web. Then, I have purchased it for testing if it performs better than others. After using it for several days, I experienced amazing performance from the smartwatch. It is patented with the latest technologies that continuously improve my lifestyle. In this XWatch review, I will discuss my overall experience with the fantastic smartwatch.

What is XWatch Max?

The Xwatch is a unique smartwatch that has lots of functions with smartphone connectivity. I carry out tests of the smartwatch on each characteristics and sure that it performs each of the functions. Its water-resistant heart rate monitor with up to long battery life delivers rugged and waterproof performance. Furthermore, it is handy to me for its affordable cost with amazing features.

What is XWatch Max

The wonderful smartwatch delivers notifications, messages and calls. It runs through an app named Xwatch app. Its strap is made with high-quality materials so that it will last longer. The LCS active matrix display provides an HD viewing experience with a smooth touch.

What are the coolest xWatch features?

This smartwatch is just perfect. For a better overview, I have shared the most important functions for you below that I have experienced:

What are the coolest xWatch features

  • Electrocardiogram: It calculates the rhythm of the heartbeat. Perfect for monitoring heart rate before and after exercise.
  • Manage calls and messages: I no longer have to pull out my phone to receive calls or notifications. All mobile notifications can be managed through it.
  • Change the calendar through the loudspeaker: With the high-precision loudspeaker, I don’t have to pick up your cell phone to add the meeting. The smartwatch is always on my wrist and ready to receive commands.
  • Counting steps: I am not an athlete but still want to know how many steps I walked during the day? The Xwatch Smartwatch offers a detailed calculation of the steps taken via its pedometer function.
  • Long battery life: The 380 mAh battery lasts about 3-5 days. It can perform some functions with the smartwatch instead of the smartphone.
  • Top-notch screen: Thanks to the very high screen brightness, anyone can read content on the watch perfectly.
  • Fitness app: The smartwatch is perfect for athletes. Simply connecting the watch to the fitness apps on the mobile phone makes it very easy to stick to your fitness plan. It allows me to easily check my body mass index, burned calories during exercise.
  • Support operating system: There are no problems whatsoever as it works perfectly with iOS and Android. The connection is established in seconds and I can view messages and upload data from the comfort of the phone.
  • Modern and Elegant Design: I fell in love with the look of the smartwatch. Together with the many functions, this makes the smartwatch unique on the market.

XWatch Functions

The Watch provides lots of useful functions that are listed below:

XWatch Functions

  • Heart rate
  • Phonebook
  • ECG
  • Bluetooth music
  • Calendar
  • Calculator
  • Notifications
  • Multiple languages
  • Bluetooth call
  • Sleep monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Bluetooth camera
  • Stop watch
  • Call logs
  • Alarm
  • Information

What I like About the XWatch Smartwatch

Below, I will discuss the points that I like about the Xwatch smartwatch:

What I like About the XWatch Smartwatch

Monitor body functions:

It offers an incredible variety of functions. I took a close look at all functions in my Xwatch test. It can measure heart rate, deep sleeping time, etc. The watch also counts steps and measures calorie consumption during a day.

HD quality display:

I tested the smartwatch for a few months and its HD quality display amazed me. Its brightness enables content to be read clearly and in good quality. I never miss the large display of your smartphone.


It is certified with IP68 waterproof protection. In water or rain, I never see any disturbance and lags issue on the smartwatch. It is also durable as the resistance quality.

Long battery life:

Its 380 mAh battery works 3 to 5 days at a time. I also found out that the smartwatch is perfect for protecting the cell phone battery or improving the smartphone’s battery life.

Compatible with the iPhone and Android:

With the XWatch, I have a great advantage that it can connect both Android smartphones and iPhones. For example: to use apps or download music.

How to Use This Device [XWatch Review]

The Xwatch seems very simple to me. Below, I will share my experience on how to use the smartwatch:

How to Use This Device [XWatch Review]

  • At first, install and set up the Xwatch app on my phone and run it.
  • Choose my preferred language to understand its functions.
  • Now, pair your phone with the watch via BT.
  • It will ask for Notification Enable permission. Grant the request to get a notification on the smartwatch.
  • Finished, start using it.

Its operation is very simple, as I described in the above section.

Is It Worth Buying This SmartWatch?

The answer is YES. If I compare its features and performance with other popular smartwatches, it is worth the cost. Its battery capacity is 380 mAh, which is larger than the apple smart watch’s 200 mAh battery. It has all the useful functions that are compulsory in our day to day life. The all-in-one smartwatch is durable and highly water-resistant, so it is the best value for the cost.

XWatch Reviews: Where Can I Get The XWatch?

You can buy the incredible smartwatch directly from the manufacturer’s website. I recommend you to get the XWatch smartwatch from here. But: be quick! I have got a 50% discount on my single purchase. But, it has no money-back guarantee. It is an advanced watch that always supports me in day to day life.

XWatch Reviews Where Can I Get The XWatch

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, I will answer some frequently asked questions about the XWatch smartwatch.

How do I activate my smartwatch?

At first, put the last six numbers from the smartwatch sim card. Then, insert the sim into the smartwatch. Now, Go to to activate the smartwatch.

How far can a smartwatch be from the phone?

The smartwatch works fine at 100 meter distance from the smartphone. It has Bluetooth 4.0 technology that provides a huge range of connectivity.

Are Smartwatches dangerous?

Smartwatches deliver EMF radiation that causes several health related problems such as mood swings, headaches, nausea, sleeping disorders etc.

How do I connect my Xwatch SmartWatch to WiFi?

Tap single on the Xwatch screen and go to the settings menu. Now, go to the Connectivity section and select the WiFi into Automatic mode. Then, add the WiFi network.

How do I charge my Xwatch?

With a USB cable, the smartwatch can be charged using any adapters. The USB cable’s one side has a lightning bolt that helps to charge the smartwatch.

Can Smartwatches be hacked?

Smartwatch is an in-home gadget that works through an app and wireless connectivity. So, there is a chance of hacking and data stealing. Never connect all IOT devices with smartwatch.

Conclusion: XWatch Reviews

The Xwatch Smartwatch is really much cheaper than all other smartwatches on the market. Nevertheless, it has top functions that I have explained in the Xwatch review. It has integrated GPS and ECG functions that provide 100% accurate results.

It supports voice command so it can be operated through voice. Also, it has lots of useful functions that are necessary in our everyday life. Its battery backup capacity is more than other popular smartwatches. So, I recommend the smartwatch for everyone.