Can Nurses Wear Watches? – An In Depth Guide 2021

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The medical industry is a fast-paced profession, and without correct timing, many things can go wrong. If you have been wondering, can nurses wear watches? Well, they can keep time for regular treatments and various medical procedures. Nurses need to give medicine at a specified time; they should also take blood pressure and measure the pulse rate. All these can only be handled if a nurse has a reliable and efficient watch.

It is paramount for a nurse to wear a watch because it is an essential component of their daily lives at work. Hence nurses should invest in professional nursing watches that provide accurate information. There is a lot expected from a nurse, and time management is what makes a nurse exceptional. For better organization and to make work manageable, it is imperative that nurses wear watches.

Can Nurses Wear Watches?

Can nurses wear watches? Nurses can wear watches because of the great benefits it comes with. It would be impossible to track the various aspects of a nurse’s calendar without a watch. There are specific occurrences that need reporting, and without a watch, a nurse cannot deliver precise timings. A watch is part and parcel of a nurse’s life, for, without it, many things can go wrong affecting lives.

Can Nurses Wear Watches

A watch comes in handy when delivering medication at the specified time. Reporting time of death of a patient can only be done if a nurse has a watch and carries out medical procedures. It is evident that a watch is an integral part of a nurses’ life, but functionality should be prioritized because it can make a lot of difference. To track assessments, a nurse requires a watch; that way, they can recommend the next action plan.

Why Do Nurses Wear Watches?

The medical professional is fast-paced; that is why, as a nurse, you are on the move. Time is of the essence in the medical field, and this can be achieved if nurses have watches for keeping time. So, can nurses wear watches? They can because it is an essential timepiece that a nurse cannot do without.

Nurses wear watches because of;

Administering medication

A nurse uses a watch to give medication to patients at specified times. Remember, medication is given at intervals, and without a watch, a nurse may end up mixing up the timings. Professional nursing watches come with an alarm that provides a notification when it is time to administer medication.

Tracking and keeping of records

With a watch, a nurse can track the patient’s vitals and maintain records. This is a primary usage that usually takes place frequently. Patients have important vitals that need to be checked regularly, including pulse rate, breathing rate, and body temperature. That way, a nurse can determine the patient’s current condition and report if their health condition is improving or deteriorating.

Documentation and lab charting

Without a watch, a nurse cannot deliver precise medical documentation. Every record requires tabling of time and date; for time recording, a nurse should watch. Any assessment or treatment can only be carried out once precise timings have been done. Proper documentation aids in keeping a good record of a patient’s medical condition. As you interact with patients, you have to keep up recording on a chart their lab results and recommendations that way understanding the health of your patients. Lack of accuracy when it keeps to lab charting can lead to complications of a patient’s health.

What Type Of Watch Is Best For Nurses?

To many of us, watches are used for accessorizing, but watches are vital for nurses in their daily lives.  Nurses need watches to keep track of their patients’ health hence improving their entire well-being. Not all watches are suitable for nurses, so we will outline the type of watch that is best for nurses.

  • A waterproof watch – Nurses tend to wash their hands now and then. The best watch for nurses is a waterproof one. This means you will not have to take it off anytime you want to wash your hands. A waterproof watch will still function properly, no matter if it gets wet. Such a watch should also not mist when it comes into contact with water.
  • Smartwatch – This type of watch is technologically advanced compared to analog and digital watches. It comes with exceptional features that make a nurse’s life way better and easier. The additional features help in keeping patient’s recordings that way tracking their health throughout.
  • A silent watch – The type of watch best for nurses does not make any ticking sound. Some watches tend to come with a loud ticking sound that gets to patients’ nerves, which is not good. A silent watch helps in avoiding distractions, mainly when important medical procedures are being performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can nurses wear Apple watches?

Nurses can wear Apple watches mainly because of the great features the watch has helpful in the medical field.

Can nurses wear Fitbits?

Yes, they can wear Fitbits, especially those nurses who usually have overwhelming shifts. It will help in knowing the number of steps taken on a particular shift.

Final Thought

Nurses have a wide range of duties to perform daily talk to keeping records, aiding in medical procedures, and documentation. Without having a watch, a nurse cannot keep up with all the work. If you have been asking, can nurses wear watches? By now, you should know that nurses must wear watches to manage their duties well. It is an essential piece for every nurse, one that they should never miss having.

Watches are quite convenient for nurses because they help in keeping track of their daily duties. A watch is an indispensable tool for a nurse, especially in carrying out assessments. To manage responsibilities effectively, every nurse must have a watch throughout the shift. A watch may be a little accessory, but it can make a big difference in a nurse’s everyday life.

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