Can A Smartwatch Work Without A Phone Of 2020?

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A smartwatch is one of the best accessories that has won the hearts of many people. This is because they are convenient and quite efficient. Owning a smartwatch comes with immense benefits that make life better. 

The innovations of smartwatches keep rising every day to keep up with demand. But, can a smartwatch work without a phone? Only a few can work without a phone. A smartwatch works better connected to your phone, increasing its functionality. 

Can A Smartwatch Work Without A Phone?

The question is, can a smartwatch work without a phone? A smartwatch will not have most functionalities if it is not connected to your phone. Without a phone, your smartwatch will only tell time and nothing more. Only a standalone smartwatch can function without a phone because it comes equipped with all the functionalities.


For a smartwatch to function without a phone, it should have inbuilt cellular connectivity. That way, it will operate on its own, making it handle all the tasks designed for a smartwatch. You have to connect your smartwatch to your phone mostly via Bluetooth so that you can receive everything your phone is receiving. Use your smartwatch connected to your phone to make use of the many apps it comes with.

How Does A Smartwatch Work?

You have a smartwatch, but you keep asking yourself how it is that they work. Smartwatches work by giving you the ability to control all the features included in your smartphone. That is how you can use your smartwatch to carry out the tasks a smartphone does. Now for your smartwatch to work, you need to connect to your smartwatch. 

Connect to smartphone

You wear a smartwatch on your wrist, but you can access everything your phone has. This is enabled through connection. Once you connect your smartwatch to your smartphone, you get to access all the features. When you do that, your phone will remain in your pocket as you run every task with your smartwatch. So, if there is a call or text message, you will use your smartwatch to respond.

Remember that you will have to install an App on your smartphone that is included in your smartwatch. So, when you open the app on your smartwatch and turn on the Bluetooth, you will instantly connect to your smartphone. The next step is to synchronize your smartwatch with your phone to enable you to receive each notification. Through that, you can view all your calls, text messages, and every other information from your phone straight to your smartwatches’ display. 

Smartwatch applications

You can install more apps on your smartphone to give you more access once you connect your smartphone. Many apps provide you with versatility and also ensure that your phone stays in your pocket. You will not have to keep consulting your smartphone because everything you need your smartwatch can access.


 When you connect your smartwatch to your phone, you should check out the proximity. The lack of proximity has created many problems for users because they cannot access a lot of features. That is why once you link your smartwatch to your phone, you must bear the range and ensure that it is not limited.  When your smartwatch connects to your phone via Bluetooth, it should not be more than 100 meters. This means that your smartwatch and phone should have a proximity that is close for your watch to function efficiently.


It is important to note that all smartwatches don’t work the same, for they are different. The difference is not only in the brand or design but also in the operating system. Therefore, to understand how a smartwatch works, you must first comprehend the operating system installed. That is what will determine the functionality of your smartwatch. Besides, the functioning of your smartwatch will be based on its compatibility with your smartphone.

Internet connection

Another fantastic part about how a smartwatch works are its connection to the internet. A smartwatch can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, enabling you to access everything on the internet. You can watch YouTube videos on your smartwatch as well as respond to emails. You will never miss any updates available on the internet as long as you have a smartwatch on your wrist. A smartwatch is a very convenient accessory that introduces you to the entire world through the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a data plan for a smartwatch?

As long as your smartwatch is connected to your phone, you will not require a data plan. This is because that has already been catered for by your smartphone.

Can you call and text on a smartwatch?

Absolutely! The moment you get a call or text through your smartphone, it is displayed on your smartwatch, allowing you to respond.

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for a smartwatch?

Not at all. There is no need to pay for anything when using a smartwatch because everything is connected to your smartphone.

Can you use a smartwatch without a SIM card?

Yes. You don’t need a SIM card to use a smartwatch, not unless you are using a watch that does not require you to connect to your phone.

Final Thought

If you don’t own a smartwatch, you have no idea what you are missing. Manufacturers keep on introducing new smartwatches to give users a variety of choices. This is an essential accessory to invest in if you want to improve your lifestyle.

People still ask, can a smartwatch work without a phone? A smartwatch is designed to work by connecting to a phone. That is how you can access all the features and apps on your phone. Only standalone smartwatches that can work without being connected to a phone because they have inbuilt cellular connectivity.

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